A lovey-dovey couple!





 They are a lovey-dovey couple. I envy them!








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    ☆★ (水曜日, 09 2月 2011 11:22)

    The new top page looks good. The color pencils remind me of the Color Coordinater test that I had last year.
    So much snow in your home town!
    This year we have not got any snow here in Yokohama yet.
    But today it seems we might get some since the sky appeared to be gray and it is chilly. It has been very dry here, we need some miosture.
    I love the word of 'lovey-dovey ', sounds cheerful and fun.
    It reminds me of 'Humpty Dumpty'.
    My brother and his wife are coming to visit us this weekend!
    And also an old friend from Singapore is coming to see me on Sunday.
    We used to live in the same mansion in Kobe, we have not seen each other for years. Now her husband is working in Yokohama and she might move to this area. I am very much excited to see her.

    See you next time,